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Video of photos of the Loughcrew Cairns sites and recitation of opening poem by the author, Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte

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The Secret Energies at the Megalithic Sites -Measured with a Lecher Antenna, a sophisticated scientific dowsing instrument

Unveiling Ancient Knowledge at the Loughcrew Cairns
A Journey into the Discoveries of the Subtle Energies
Measured with the Lecher Antenna
ISBN 9789082802689


In “Unveiling Ancient Knowledge at the Loughcrew Cairns - A Journey into the Discoveries of the Subtle Energies - Measured with the Lecher Antenna”, the author, Knight Anne-Marie Delmotte, takes the reader with her on her journey of the gradual discovery of the subtle energies at this magnificent place that is Loughcrew. She, of course, cannot but admire the stunning stone art she encounters at the different sites of which she has added some unique photographs she took herself, to this book, that is in full colour.
Although the author, who is a scientist, mainly researches the energies of the land and the Megaliths at the sites, she also takes into consideration the local geology that she included in her writings.
Anne-Marie already conducted elaborate energy research of the Megaliths in County Sligo Ireland and Brittany France which enabled her to research the little unreconstructed and therefore the more “purer,untouched” Loughcrew Cairns with more ease. After reading this book you will be convinced why the Megalithic Sites are very important, even at this day. The reason why we should approach these exceptional places with respect and gratitude for serving us all these thousands of years.
The interior of this book contains 23 photos in full colour.

Book Unveiling Ancient knowledge at the Loughcrew Cairns. A JOurney into the Discoveries of the Subtle Energies. Measured with the Lecher Antenna.
Backcover book about the energies at the Loughcrew Cairns

The book "UNVEILING ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE AT THE LOUGHCREW CAIRNS - A Journey into the Discovery of the Special Energies - Measured with the Lecher Antenna" has been recognised by the Irish Heritage council as an original and creative work having cultural merit